I started practicing yoga in 2007 where my friend dragged me to a yoga class. It may sound crazy but already at this first session something moved inside of me, and I continue my yoga practice. In the beginning my main focus was on the physical output but slowly I became aware of the potential yoga has. I was at a time of my life where I was traveling a lot moving from country to country. Something I always seeked was a yoga studio and it became a solid anchor in my fairly rootless life, discovering how a steady yoga practice can create an inner tranquility and presence to the here and now. Most importantly; yoga is helping me to gain awareness physically as well as mentally. To me yoga has become a lifestyle - a lifelong process which allows me to constantly learn and develop myself in some way or the other <3

My teaching

I am now a yoga teacher, and something I bring with me to my own classes is how yoga is not about the style or tradition of yoga you belong to, more so about yoga itself. You can look at yoga as a tool with great potential to create and develop you as a person. I have observed how yoga allows us to slow down the pace, letting go of the control and becoming more present in the moment. Through a physical practice and with awareness to the breathe it is possible to explore and observe the self - rather than focussing on achievements and goals. Especially the structure of the body have caught my interest, and I am drawn to the anatomy and how we most appropriate carry the body. Furthermore I teach sequences of flow which allows a greater connection to the breath. I have an educational background in social work and sociology.