Yoga at work

I offer yoga-classes specially designed to employees - both during or after work hours. Scientific research has clarified that yoga is the way forward in terms of preventing incipient occupational injuries, stress and burnouts. Based on the goal, that yoga is for everyone, I seek to create awareness as well as knowledge of the good properties arising when you practice yoga on a regular basis.

The yoga-classes on the breath and how we through breathing techniques and flows can learn to use the capacity of our breath in the best possible way - also outside the yoga mat. Focus is on the three key values: strength, stability and stamina. Strength in terms of activation of those muscles in the body that are overloaded in our modern society. This especially concerns the areas around the hips, shoulders, lower back, neck and hands. Stability is about obtaining a greater balance between the physical and mental part of the body. As an example, we have a tendency to do the same movements with our hands when we work in front of a computer. Therefore it is important to stabilise our hand and wrist muscles to counteract bad wrists and the beginning of arthritis in the fingers. Practicing yoga can help us to develop stamina which is shown as a greater awareness in the present moment. This ability can be transferred to different contexts in our life and help us to be more focussed.


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