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I believe that yoga is for everyone. With this in mind I seek to create a greater awareness and knowledge of the good qualities that arises when you practice yoga on a regular basis. Mindsoulyoga was founded in 2017, and since then I have taught many different groups of people, places and events.


Based on the three values: strength, stability and stamina my focus is to create a greater balance between the physical and mental part of our body.


Activating the larger and smaller muscle parts of the body


Stability consist of creating a greater balance between the physical and mental part of the body


Through stamina an awareness of the present moment arises which can be transfered to other contexts of life

Most people live a hectic daily life operating in a fast pace and with a demanding high level of performance. The mental part of the body is far more active than the physical part of the body. It is important to remember to take care of ourselves, slowing down the pace and allowing the body to reload.

This is where yoga can be helpful!

Yoga is often associated with a wellness training where the purpose is to improve the physical balance and obtain a flexible body. The is not incorrect but yoga has a far greater potential. Yoga can be seen as a tool to cultivate more awareness to the present moment.
At the same time yoga is not a miracle cure, and no one can be in constant harmony and balance.
Through a consistent yoga practice awareness arrises and the acceptance of life as it is - with ups and downs - becomes clearer. Yoga is something we bring in as part of life, a tool to stop up, notice, and take better care of ourselves.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is an old tradition which can be traced back about 2500 years. The word yoga is from the language Sanskrit and means to unite - the practice of meditation (yoga) whereby one comes into the state of a union in the body. Throughout the years yoga has become more integrated and popular in the Western part of the world. It is often referred to as a physical workout with a goal of gaining more flexibility and balance in the body. It is not wrong, but when you dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga it opens up to something more valuable than the physical practice.

Patanjali was the creator of what we call yoga philosophy, and he was the first to describe yoga from a systemic perception. He wrote the Yoga Sutras where it is described how you through a long term training of the body and psychic strives for a union with the universal energy - yoga. A training based on the 8 limbs:

Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

The physical practice (the asanas), as you can see, is just one of the above mentioned 8 limbs of yoga. Thereby as described in the Yoga Sutras the overall purpose of yoga is not only this physical aspect. Through a combination of all 8 limbs one achieve a form of condition where the soul moves away from the material world and unites with the universe. This condition mainly happens through concentration and meditation but living a moral and healthy lifestyle is also a prerequisite.


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